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A group of four students which forms two teams participate every year at the national championship.

The task for the precision flying team is, to fly a predefined course as precise as possible. The big challenge is that only a compass, a map and a clock is allowed to follow your track and reach the checkpoints at the correct time.

Modern navigation equipment, like GPS is not allowed.

The team of the joanneum Aeronautics flies with a Ikarus C42-b, which is an ultralight airplane.

Additional, the teams have to find ground markings, which are located around the course. This ground markings must be entered in the map.

Each airplane is located with a GPS logger, which records the flown track and the time over each checkpoint. For each second before or after the planed time over the checkpoint, the team will get punitive points, also for each located ground sing, which wasn`t found.
Separate to the precision flying track, the team has to perform precision landings in a predefined field. The field is divided into zones. There is a zone with zero punitive points and before or after this zone, there are additionally zones with punitive values.

The winner has the least punitive points.

In Austria there are always 5 contests per year which are always located on different airfields.