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Welcome to the world of joanneum Aeronautics !

Founded in 2014 the jA is an association based in Graz | Styria | Austria and its goal is, to provide young aeronauts a platform to participate at different contests all over the world. For this purpose the Aeronautics are splitted into three socalled TEAMS.
You can discover these TEAMS when you click on the different patches given on the frontpage.

During the time within the association, the young people gain a lot of expertise in management, technical practises and of course teamwork. Also international experience is included. The DBF Team for example, yearly travels to America to participate at the AIAA Design Build Fly Contest. As mentioned before, teamwork is a very important factor in the association. Within the PF Team, human interaction is one of the most critical things. When they fly their aircraft, the navigator and pilot have to have a perfect interaction. Last but not least the DT Team offers young students a perfect environment to gain experience with modern electronics and actual drone developments.

All of these TEAMs are managed by their own, the association itself, just provides the legal background for all together.
If you want to have more detailed information about us, please feel free to contact us.