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Brushless Motor Test Bench

We are using our study breaks at the end of the semester wisely and working on a test bench for the brushless motors used by our quadcopters. Design is nearly done, just a few more adjustments and a change of the used micro controller. Software is up and running.

Stay tuned for more and don’t try this at home  😉

TDT (Team DroneTech)

–> in the video: klausi wants more thrust!!

Creating YouTube Channel

Due to our flight sessions, we try to catch some epic pictures and videos and created our first official YouTube channel.

When we first came into the drone world we benefited quite a lot of all the videos and blog out there about drones. It’s important to us that we give something back to the community and this is why we decided to upload some videos with a strong focus on tutorials as well as building instructions.

Here are a few ideas of what you can expect from us in the near future:

  • more flight sessions
  • Engine test bench video for multi-copter motors / props
  • cam comparison video for action cams
  • completed tutorial on how to build a cheap 250 racer

stay tuned for more, give us thumbs up if you like it and don’t forget to collect the green Goblin’s slime!

This is a collection of the videos we have done so far.

Don’t forget, we just got started…

FPV Airmasters Graz

Thanks to FH Joanneum we had the opportunity to be part of the FPV Airmasters 2016 convention in the Messe Halle in Graz. We represented the whole Joanneum Aeronautics Team and the weird green electric snow mobile right in the picture.

Even though the convention was split into two floors and the ground floor was generation stone age, there where quite a lot of people who wanted to check out the mysterious noise coming from the top floor.

A really nice opportunity for us to get connections in the drone racing sector and a lot of fun watching!

We really hope that there will be an FPV Airmasters event 2017! Keep it coming!

Infineon copter.rocks challenge

After we founded the team, our first challenge was the copter.rocks project hosted by Infineon.
The purpose of the challenge was not only to implement different features on Infineon’s own quad-copter flight controller but also to create a sort of community. Therefore we had the opportunity to visit Infineon’s semiconductor manufacturing and were able to talk to all the important people in the drone sector.
Not many people know that Infineon has its own little drone program.

For more information on the whole challenge visit copter.rocks webpage:


Big thanks to Infineon for the opportunity and the provided material as well as the great food at the final presentation!

Chilled Weekend Session

Today was a good day at the field. At least for most of us. Chris decided to take the whole payload thing to the next level and strapped another camera on his Orange 250. There was just one problem… The ESC’s didn’t really agree to his plan and caught fire half way above the cornfield. Good thing we had our lunch boxes with us, popcorn where ready 🙂

We decided to bring our car battery with us for some fast recharging. As we usually take turns in flying so that one person can keep an eye on the surrounding area, our flying sessions take the whole day.

Because the weather was that great we tested the F550 with the freshly mounted GoPro gimbal. Check the video below for some impressions.

See ya at our next session, peace love and unicorns!