Am 11.03.2017 konnten wir uns in unserer vollen Größe einem rießigen Publikum beim OPENHOUSE DAY der FH JOANNEUM präsentieren.
Begonnen mit dem Precision-Flight-Team und deren Ikarus C42 an der Alten Poststraße, über die das Team-Drone-Tech mit verschiedensten Koptern und Steuerungen, bis zum Design-Build-Fly-Team im Luftfahrtlabor mit ihrem neuen Competition-Aircraft, gaben wir einen möglichst detaillierten Einblick in unsere Tätigkeiten.

Ein großes Danke an alle Besucher des OPENHOUSE DAYs und auch ganz speziell an die Teams für die wirklich grandiose Umsetzung an den einzelnen Stationen.


Upcoming Saturday (11.03.2017) we are part of the OPENHOUSE DAY of the FH JOANNEUM in GRAZ!
At 11:30 we will give a prensentation in lecture hall G.AP147.004 about our actual projects and achievements.
Alte Poststraße 147 | 8020 Graz – G.AP147.004 | 11:30 – joanneum Aeronautics: Studierende präsentieren ihr Studium
During the whole day will be present at three different stations.
You will be able to watch our Presicion-Fligh-Aircraft, Drones and DBF-Planes in live and talk to our teams.
On the left you can see, where our teams will be located during the OPENHOUSE DAY.CU in Graz and stay tuned
your jAeronautics

Brushless Motor Test Bench

We are using our study breaks at the end of the semester wisely and working on a test bench for the brushless motors used by our quadcopters. Design is nearly done, just a few more adjustments and a change of the used micro controller. Software is up and running.

Stay tuned for more and don’t try this at home  😉

TDT (Team DroneTech)

–> in the video: klausi wants more thrust!!

AC Styria goes jAeronautics

Today we were glad to welcome two representatives of the AC Styria in our aviation lab.

We showed them our nearly finished competition plane and had a nice Q&A session with them.
The AC Styria already sponsored the DBF15 Team two years ago and is now thinking about a sponsorship again.

We would be very happy to welcome the AC Styria as a sponsor of DBF17.

Stay tuned
your jA DBF17 Team


11th place after the proposal submission for our DBF Team!

The AIAA Design Build Fly Organisation announced the scores for the submitted proposals.
We are very happy to be within the TOP15 already and we are really working hard to build a great plane.
A nice detail is, that we have the same score as Stanford University and MIT, which is pretty cool!
Also the whole ranking is available here.

More detailed information as well as our report will be available around the end of February.

Stay tuned,
your joanneum Aeronautics – DBF Team 17