As the new academic year has started the new jA Design-Build-Fly team has taken off. Not only is the team enriched with new members but its structure has been undergoing important changes as well.

We are glad to announce that DI (FH) Lukas Andracher will continue to fulfill his role as supervisor. His advice and feedback will be greatly appreciated. The leaders of the two divisions are Julian Jank B.Sc. (Management Leader) and Robert Niedergrottenthaler B.Sc. (Design Leader). Both are students of the Aviation master program at the FH Joanneum and have the experience needed for Optimized-complete_teamtheir important positions in the team.

A significant change in the structure of the jA team is the addition of manpower for the Engineering Division. The experience of the former team taught us that the documentation process is a very important and time consuming part of the DBF contest. This process is so important because the team’s overall score is a function of the Written Report Score among others. Because the other variables of the score where very pleasing last year, focus is set on the documentation process in order to achieve an even higher result for the current year. This focus has influence on the team right from the start which expresses itself in the addition of a new team: Team Documentation.

This measure together with the expansion of Team Wings by three students will contribute to an even stronger joanneum Aeronautics DBF Team with hopefully a high overall score. Stay tuned for more updates!