Thomas Teichmeister
Team Engineering and Design

Matthias Spitzauer
Management and Marketing

Sophie Charlotte Benkwitz
Technical Documentation


The competition of 2022 took place in Wichita, Kansas from 21 – 24 April 2022 . The topic  was a so called Humanitarian Mission.  The UAV was supposed to carry vaccine packets, which have to be dropped automaticly. Same as in the previous years, there were severel missions which had to be completed. A more detailed description of each mission can be read here


Hornet is the name of the aircaft in the competition of 2022.  The Hornet’s high-wing configuration and conventional empennage contribute to excellent flight characteristics and offer sufficient space for the mission payload. With a wingspan of 7.37 ft and a total length of 5.28 ft, the design of the Hornet exploits the 8 ft maximal dimension requirement to provide sufficient space for a total number of 80 syringes and 5 vaccine vial packages.



A total of 110 teams from different universities across the world competed. We are proud to have achieved third place in the overall competition. This awards us the best European team. What we are also proud of is the special award for the best design report of the competition. 

After the competition, we could spend a few more days in the USA before heading back to Graz, where we celebrated our success in the competition with our professors and sponsors.