Thank you for your support!

On March 1st the teams’ official competition aircraft “BOBBY” was presented at the Roll Out Event.
Numerous sponsors and other guests gathered in the aviation laboratory at the FH Joanneum in Graz, where the DBF-2019 team members awaited them with an outstanding Roll Out Event. Amongst the guests were various representatives of our DBF sponsoring companies, the FH Joanneum managing directors, head of department FH Joanneum Aviation, lectures and students as well.

After the official welcome from Miriam Scharf, head of management of the DBF19 team were invited to have some breakfast and to use the time to talk to the DBF team members. Students as well as company representatives were keen to get to know each other and finding potential future employers or employees.

The breakfast was followed by an official presentation including interviews of all the team members. Miriam Scharf was pleased to introduce the team to all of ours guests and explained the different positions and tasks of each team member as well as the organization behind the DBF19 team. Mathias Krampl, head of engineering, described the technical aspects of the competition aircraft, mission requirements and the production processes. Last but not least, Anna Sampl gave our guests an overview on our upcoming journey to the AIAA DBF competition in Tucson, Arizona.

To prove his qualification, Thomas Adelsberger, pilot of the DBF Team, performed an impressive flight show in the laboratory with a small RC- aerobatic aircraft.

The highlight of the Roll Out Event was the presentation of “BOBBY”. The team demonstrated “BOBBY” at the ground mission. This includes the automatic unfolding of the wings, attachment of the darts and the mounting of the radome. All tasks where performed with excellent speed and accuracy.

Finally, a cake in the shape of the “Bobby”-Logo has been served to celebrate the completion of the competition aircraft.  Students and the DBF FH Joanneum supervisors where honoured to cut BOBBY’s “birthday” cake.
The official part of the event came to an end with a lunch where our guests enjoyed foods, drinks and interesting conversation about BOBBY, the AIAA competition and many other aviation related topics.

We, the DBF19 team, want to say a huge “THANK YOU” to all sponsors and supporters of the DBF19 team! The outstanding BOBBY and also the Roll Out would have never been possible without your support!