Thomas Leitgeb
Team Engineering and Design

Vanessa Halwax
Management and Marketing

Michael Berlitz
Technical Documentation

Virtual Fly-off

This years’ competition was in form of a virtual Fly-Off, where we had to submit a video which shows our aircraft performing the flight missions. The deadline for the submission was on April 17th.  Beside the flight mission, the video shows some impressions about the UAV being built and detailed technical facts. Since we are not experts on video editing, we had the assistance from students of the institute of Journalism and Public Relations for this task. At this point we want to say thank you for your support. Below you can find the video.

If you want to learn more about the flight missions, see our blog post: New Year. New Competition. New Challenges.


We chose the name Stingray for our aircraft because the stingray with its elegant movements and the spike reminds us very much of our aircraft design with the sensor.


Out of 117 teams which handed in proposals, 92 were selected for participating at the virtual Fly-Off. We are happy to announce, that our team is in the top ten. The hard work paid off and we achieved the 9th place, the best European team. Less then one point behind the winning team form India.