Upcoming Saturday (11.03.2017) we are part of the OPENHOUSE DAY of the FH JOANNEUM in GRAZ!
At 11:30 we will give a prensentation in lecture hall G.AP147.004 about our actual projects and achievements.
Alte Poststraße 147 | 8020 Graz – G.AP147.004 | 11:30 – joanneum Aeronautics: Studierende präsentieren ihr Studium
During the whole day will be present at three different stations.
You will be able to watch our Presicion-Fligh-Aircraft, Drones and DBF-Planes in live and talk to our teams.
On the left you can see, where our teams will be located during the OPENHOUSE DAY.CU in Graz and stay tuned
your jAeronautics