Axis – The Next Generation of Flight Simulators

Axis Flight Training Systems makes the most advanced flight simulators on the market today. Their unique modular design makes them readily customizable, and they are more efficient, easier to operate and have higher ROI than anything else out there. You can see and feel the difference, whether as operator, instructor or pilot.

Located near Graz, Austria, Axis was founded in 2004 by engineers and pilots with the mission of designing and building the next generation of FFS. Our products, from training devices to full flight simulators meet and exceed EASA, FAA, ICAO qualification requirements, and offer exceptional reliability, effectiveness and availability.


At Axis we always ask ourselves if there is a better way, and very often there is. Thus, instead of a forest of cables our simulators use just a few I/O buses. Our Smart Panels replicate the functions and appearance of original instruments, but cost much less and last much longer. The list could go on. We create new approaches that make simulators more realistic, more reliable, easier to operate, and more profitable to run.


As experienced hardware and software engineers, we build the best. As pilots, we understand your requirements. As a company, we are always open to new requests and requirements. Together, we will find the optimum solution for your training operations.


AXIS Flight Training Systems GmbH
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8403 Lebring – Austria
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