While our colleagues of the DBF Team are overseas fighting for a good rank in the championship (good luck over there, guys!), the Team Drone Tech guys used the now less stressful laboratory environment to roll their sleeves up and get things done.

The main goal of the lab session was to build the teams very first carbon fibre frames themselves! From the designing phase on a laptop, laminating the carbon fibre, cutting the shapes to drilling, sanding and polishing, everything was done by hand (with a little help of the many machines in the lab). And for the first time, as one can see in the pictures below, they did a very good job indeed!

The next step is building the multicopters (in this case they went for a larger scale for a long range multicopter project), testing, tuning and flying! But since there are many other projects currently going on, unfortunately this might take a while. If you wonder what projects are currently under development, stay tuned for further postings!

PS: After work, the team needed some stress relief and get their focus back for studying for upcoming exams so they needed to blow of some steam. How do they manage that? If you guessed “burn through some batteries racing FPV” you already know them very well, that’s exactly what they did!