A great Spritzerstandl in the middle of a really choppy weather.

Our first Spritzerstandl took place at the FH court in Graz on 31st of May.
It was a great success and we really want to thank everybody for joining us though it was temporarely rainy! After the short rain, thankfully the sun came out again and it was a real pleasure to enjoy the evening with all of you. We had to close our Spritzerstandl at 10 p.m. and we especially want to thank the 52 (!) people which were there at that moment!
Find attached a view pictures of the moment just when the sun came out again.

Thanks a lot for coming and supporting us and we hope to see you again at our next event, which is the “evening talk” of our DBF Team on the 13th of June at the FH JOANNEUM –> FURTHER INFORMATION.

stay tuned