Successful Test Flight of the 2nd Prototype!

On Wednesday, 17th of January 2018, the test flight of the teams second prototype took place at the USFC-Stainztal airfield. After implementing the lessons learned from the first prototype, the second prototype promised better handling and performance. The promise was kept, and the team was not disappointed. The aircraft provided good handling despite reduced wingspan. By using GPS-tracking based technology, several parameters could be measured, and the calculations performed were confirmed. The maximum velocity of the aircraft measured was 120 km/h, a very promising and important value, considering the strong winds in Wichita, Kansas. On 21st of January 2018, only four days later, the Humble Bee was tested again in Weiz. There the take-off and landing performance on an asphalt runway was tested for the first time. All in all, the improvements in the total score between the first and second prototype are in the 25 % range.