One of our goals is for the team to constantly grow in members, therefore the team introduced itself at the Aviation and Computer Electronics degree course. After a big meeting for everyone interested in joining the team, the ones who wanted to join had to pass a little acceptance test. At the end of the day the team decided to accept 10 out of 24 candidates. The lucky ones are Michael L., Jakob S., Michael B., Arian G., Benjamin K., Felix M., Christoph P., Victoria F., Annika D. and Patrick make the TDT officially an inter-degree team by having Aviation and Computer Electronic students on board.
About a week later a welcome meeting with the new team members took place to break the ice between the new and the old crew and we decided to begin with a relaxed evening with food and drinks at our first official get together, the “Stammtisch”. Because it’s best to get to know each other over a couple of cold beverages and delicious food. We are sure this newly mixed composition will be a huge benefit and we are excited what projects will come up in our near future!