Thanks to the support of the „Aviation“ Institute of the FH JOANNEUM we had the great opportunity to visit two Austrian aviation companies in Upper Austria. Our journey startet at 7 a.m. with a cosy bus ride to Holzhausen, where we got a two hour tour through the company Peak Technology. It was conducted by two motivated professionals who were able to tell us a lot about the different departments. The mould construction, milling process of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and the winding process carried out by fully automated roboters fascinated us the most. After that we were invited to a delicious lunch by Peak and made us on our way to the second company of the day.

Next stop FACC, Factory 4 – Engines and Nacelles.

It was awesome to see the procedures of such a big company. We got a very good insight into the manufacturing process of Blocker Doors and Translating Sleeves. During our tour through the factory we saw the employees following high working standards and how exactly they operate on their specific parts. Especially we were fascinated by the big autoclaves used for thermal and overpressure treatment of Fibre Reinforced Plastics.

We want to thank the FH JOANNEUM, Peak Technology and FACC for the great experience and hope for a lot of following excursions with our new members.