PANKL AEROSPACE SYSTEMS, with locations in the USA and EU, serves the global aviation market in the civil and military sectors as a Tier 1 supplier for systems in fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft and spacecraft.

            Propulsion systems and components


            Engine Shafts

            Main and tail rotor shafts

            Air refueling tubes

            Chassis components

            Structure fuselage components

            Interior components

Pankl cooperates with the world’s most renowned manufacturers in the areas of design, testing, qualification and production, using vertically fully integrated manufacturing processes.


From customer-specific component development all the way to EASA certification (including testing programmes), Pankl covers the full spectrum of services. Thanks to Pankl’s committed employees, more than 300 products have been approved so far.

The products developed by Pankl comply with the most stringent approval requirements, ensuring the safe operation of aircraft and engines. Their services range from development and manufacture of highly reliable components and engine systems for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

In addition to their industry reputation, Pankl is also a valued sponsor of many organizations, including ours. We are thankful for Pankl’s sponsorship, which allows us to carry out our participation in the Design Build and Fly contest in Tucson, Arizona. We appreciate Pankl’s partnership and look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.