New year, new competition, new mission!

It’s time again to welcome a new team for the Design-Build-Fly Contest. We are very happy to announce that our new team DBF 24 is ready for take-off!

2024 is the era of “Bergfink”. This years name of our aircraft represents our country with its wonderful nature. We want to bring the Austrian spirit to the US and represent it in the best way during the contest. 

This year 42 motivated students from bachelor and master degree are again facing the tasks from the AIAA institute, which contain following missions:

Mission 1 – Delivery FLight

Complete 3 laps within a 5 minute flight window, only crew as payload

Mission 2 – Medical Transport Flight

Preparation of aircraft with new payload (crew, EMTs, a patient on a gurney and a medical supply cabinet) and batteries, perform again 3 laps within 5 minutes

Mission 3 – Urban Taxi Flight

Complete as many laps as possible in 5 minutes with Crew and Passengers as payload


In April 18 master students will travel to Wichita in Kansas to compete with other universities from all over the world. For more details follow our journey on our social media!