The final version of jA14 just before takeoff

Good news from the engineers. Before the weekend, the joanneum Aeronautics engineers have finished their work on the final version of the jA14. As a result of hundreds of working hours, the aircraft is now ready for the contest in April 15. Currently the last flight tests are being performed.

The final aircraft has a great endurance and will carry more payload than ever. Especially the compartment for the storage of the dropping balls has increased. In comparison to the first drafts, the number of balls has doubled. This feature will improve our mission score at the DBF contest tremendously. In addition the aircraft shines in a new design. The wingtips are decorated with the Austrian national flag. The blue color of the wings leading edge looks perfect in combination with the carbon fiber structure of the fuselage.

In the next days the last preparations for the trip to America will be finished. Before the aircraft is disassembled for shipping, our sponsor’s logos will be placed on the jA14. Then it’s really getting serious. Just as a quick reminder, the DBF contest takes place from 10th to 12th April 2015. We will keep you up to date via all our channels.