The crew is demonstrating the safety features

The jA14 has passed the technical approval yesterday. The tests were conducted by DI(FH) Lukas Andracher, a specialist for RPAS-construction at FH Joanneum. Before the final inspection started, the last changes were performed. The safety regulations for the DBF contest have a long list of requirements, which have to be demonstrated. For example, in the case of a radio communication error, a failsafe mode has to be activated.

The tests were processed step by step until a very exciting bullet point appeared on the list: The wing bending test. The aircraft has to carry its own weight (including all payload) while it is lifted at the wing tips. This should simulate a maneuver with an extended load of 2g. As the aircraft has been built according to a light weight philosophy, the least amount of material possible was used, therefore the test is usually very critical. The responsible engineers couldn’t risk a peek, but in the end the test was successfully finished without even a trace of a problem.

Now the final logistics are starting. All the equipment which will be needed at the competition site, has to be shipped to the USA in the next few days. Again as a reminder, the DBF contest takes place from 10th to 12th April 2015. We will inform you constantly about the most recent events.

Ready for transportation to the USA