On Tuesday 10 November 2015, the joanneum Aeronautics Team held its Succes Story event. In the building of the Engineering Department, many people gathered to listen to the exciting stories, told by the members of both the Design-Build-Fly team and the Precision Flight Team. In addition to that, the yearly Aviation Awards of the Aviation Faculty were awarded by the head of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Holger Flühr.

Bernhard Schreckensperger presented the story of the DBF team. He showed the audience the motivation for the foundation of the joanneum Aeronautics and what it takes to found such an organization. He explained that the association plays an important role in giving the members the opportunity to apply their learned skills in a practical environment und truly bonds the students of the IMG_001several years in the bachelor and master program.

Of course the exciting adventure of taking part in the AIAA DBF Contest was discussed as well. Taking part in such a contest at the other side of the world is a big happening itself, let alone being the first team of a university to take part in it! And the results were satisfying: a 1st place overall for the three flight missions, the 22nd place for the report and the round mission/rated aircraft costs together resulted in the 26th place overall. Aside of these statistical results, probably the most important result is the experience the team members have gained. Bernhard also said that they not only have learned a lot by working on a real-world case, they also enjoyed the travel experience in the USA.

The ’15-’16 DBF Team is already enjoying the same interesting journey during the aircraft development phase and looks forward to the contest at Cessna Field in Wichita!